Notes on My Research

In the beginning I did not have much information outside of knowing who my grandparents and aunts and uncles were. I still need information on some cousins that I have not seen in many years but feel that all that will come with time. A few years ago my father gave me some pictures of his parents when they were first married. Afterwards, he found some pictures of my great-grandparents, the Deranek’s and some of my grandmother’s sisters’ pictures. These were all very intriguing. It was then that I realized I had to find out more about them. It was only in the past few months that I heard from the Deranek/Dereneck/Deraneck group with whom I frequently exchange emails. Jim does research with the LDS and came across documents from Deraneks (and all the other related spellings of that name) that originated in a section of Germany that used to be Polish. Reading the history of Poland and how it has been divided throughout the centuries is fascinating reading. To anyone who wishes to learn about this without reading a history book, I would highly recommend “Poland” by James Michener, a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Getting back to the theme, Wolfgang, another Derenek from the group who lives in the Black Forest in Germany, provided me with the ship, dates, and names of children who came to the United States with Bertha and Casimer Deranek. It appears that only their children Anton (who served in the Spanish American War) and Mary, my grandmother, were born in the United States. The Deraneks have been traced back to the 1600’s, but we are working on connections. I will keep you informed.

As for the Rogalski’s, I have found Jan Rogalski (great-grandfather) in the ship’s lists,but have not found my great grandmother. I am assuming she came at a later date, although they were married at the time and had several children. I was able to obtain Marion’s death certificate, which stated that he was German-Polish. I have received Jan Rogalski’s death certificate, which has provided me with his parent’s names.

I have obtained other death certificates and have found census records and city records with lots of information. I was able to find great-great-grandparent names through the death certificates. That was a real breakthrough! After calling the funeral homes through which my great-grandmother’s were buried (thanks to cousin Dottie for that!) they sent me copies of their information and with that, I was able to get the death certificates. More later…..

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